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Hide & protect your camera with a camo cover!
Versatile Cover for Wildlife Photography

  • Effective in most environments
  • Blackout coating aids in viewing the LCD screen
  • Velcro opening for tripod or hand

  • 16" (40 cm) CAMOUFLAGE "PRO" Rain Cover
    Fits a digital or film SLR camera with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (or shorter lenses).
    $ 34.95
    20" (50 cm) UNIVERSAL CAMO Rain Cover Out of Stock
    Fits a digital or film SLR camera with the following popular lenses:
  • Canon 100-400mm IS lens.
  • Nikon 80-400mm VR lens
  • Canon or Nikon 300mm or 400mm f/4.0 lens & hood
    $ 39.95
  • 25" (64 cm) UNIVERSAL CAMO Rain Cover Out of Stock
    Fits a digital or film SLR camera with a 300mm f/2.8 lens & hood.
    $ 44.95
    30" (76 cm) CAMOUFLAGE "PRO" Rain Cover
    Rain/snow/dust protection for an SLR camera with a:
  • Nikon 200-400mm VR lens & hood.
  • Canon or Nikon 400mm f/2.8 lens & hood.
  • Canon or Nikon 500mm f/4.0 lens & hood.
    $ 49.95
  • 35" (89 cm) CAMOUFLAGE "PRO" Rain Cover
    Effective protection for 600mm & 800mm lens & hood.
    $ 54.95

    "My 16" camo cover never leaves my 70-200 f/2.8 lens ... I regret paying almost triple the cost for LensCoat and getting so little protection in comparison."
    Robert Body - Phoenix, AZ

    "Iíve used the FotoSharp camou rain cover in all types of miserable weather without a problem. Its simplicity is the key; easy to put on, perfect protection, and a great price."
    Joe McDonald
    Product review - McDonald Wildlife Photography

    "I have been looking for a raincoat that was reasonably priced and worked on my Nikon 600mm lens. Yours works great and didn't cost me a bundle of money like other raincoats I have priced."
    Floyd Bond - Albany, OR
    Nature As Art

    "The camouflage camera cover is perfect for my needs. Use it for bird photos. Here is link to my photos. Thanks."
    Ted Ardley - Victoria, BC Canada

    "Excellent products that will help me out a whole lot! My gear faces serious challenges from the elements - consider this my endorsement."
    Craig Rose - Santa Clara, CA

    "I would highly recommend this cover to anyone who shoots outdoors on a frequent basis."
    Marco Pesaresi - Liverpool, England

    "t is easy to put on my 600mm f4 and is just what I was looking for with out paying $270 for other products I have seen. Thanks."
    Reginald Muhl - Green Bay, WI

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