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Camera Rain Covers
... PRO .. (12" to 20")
... UNIVERSAL CAMO .. (16" to 35")
... ORIGINAL .. (8" to 16")
"How-To" Cheat Sheets
Hyperfocal Cards
Night Photography, DOF guide
Tripod Gear Bag - Camera Caddy II
LCD Shade

Photo Calculators

"A lot of info in an easy-to-use format."
Photo District News

  • Handy "slide chart" format.
  • Valuable info for avid shooters.

    Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide since their introduction in 1995/1996.

  • Day & Night Exposure Guide
    Shoot at Night! Your camera's meter is calibrated for "18% grey" so it doesn't work well for many scenes, especially at NIGHT. This handy guide will help you set the exposure you need.
    $ 19.95
    Depth of Field Guide
    For "FULL FRAME" DSLRs (or 35mm film SLRs)

    Control what looks sharp in you images!
    $ 19.95
    Light Balancing Filter Guide
    If you color filters to adjust white balance, this handy guide will help!
    $ 24.95
    Metric Calculator
    Quick English <==> Metric measurement conversions.
    A handy tool for travelers.

    $ 12.95
    Customer Reviews

    "Incredibly practical...simple and functional as well as a great teaching tool."
    Seth Powers - St. Johnsbury, VT

    "They are very comprehensive. They are rugged and portable. Designed to be used."
    David Jarvis - Decateur, GA

    "Easy to use, very durable & contain loads of information which I didn't even expect."
    Jan Sammut - St. Julians, Malta

    "The ease of use makes these a must for any photographer."
    R. H. Nelson - Groton, CT

    "I work my gear to the bone and your products take everything I've been able to dish out!"
    M. Ford - Fairfax, VA

    "Much easier than trying to work it out myself. Convenient size, easy to use."
    Tim Anderson - Strathfield NSW, Australia

    "Most useful item in my bag after cameras and film."
    Bryan Dahlberg - Lakewood, CO

    "Simple but effective."
    Jerry Krepakevich - Edmonton AB, Canada