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20" (50 cm) UNIVERSAL CAMO Rain Cover Out of Stock
This size/color is out of stock. We do have 20" covers in BLACK:
Go to:
20" Pro Camera Rain Covers

This cover is recommended for use with the following lenses:

  • Canon 100-400mm IS lens.
  • Nikon 80-400mm VR lens.
  • 300mm f/4.0 lens & hood.
  • 400mm f/4.0 lens & hood.
  • Other camera+lens+extender+hood combos up to 15" (38 cm) long.
  • To make best use of the BLACKOUT COATING, you'll want the cover to be at least 5" (13 cm) longer than the camera+lens combo. If the hood is a "cylinder" shape, include the length of the hood in your measurement.

NOTE - if the BLACKOUT COATING on the inside of the cover is not important to you, our 16" camo cover can be used with lenses up to 11" (28 cm) long, including a:

  • Canon 100-400mm IS lens.
  • Nikon 80-400mm VR lens.

Features & Benefits:

  • For tripod or handheld shooting.
  • Takes seconds to put on your camera.
  • US Army universal camouflage pattern is effective in most environments.
  • Made of urethane coated ripstop nylon, so the fabric is waterproof & durable.
  • Has a BLACKOUT COATING on the inside for easier viewing of photos on the camera's LCD screen in bright sunlight.
  • There's a velcro opening (with pull tabs) for attaching the lens tripod collar to the tripod thru the cover (or to put your hand thru for handheld shooting).
  • Works with lenses that rotate to focus.
  • Weighs ~ 3.5 oz.

How the cover works:

The cover has an elastic cord & lock on both ends, and velcro on the seam that runs from the front to the back. You open the velcro & place the cover over the camera then attach the cover around the lens, and leave the back end open however much you want when you're shooting, and close it down when you're not shooting.

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