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Photo Cheat Sheets

photo tips

   Learn on the go with a  
  pocket-sized ring of
Photo CheatSheets  
with tips and tricks for
 common shooting situations. 

Popular Photography  

♦ Handy     ♦ Easy to Read     ♦ Waterproof

Photo Cheat Sheets -- 20 Card Set
Each card is available separately. (listed below)
$ 24.95
Sunrise & Sunset Photography
Tips for getting the right exposure, composition, etc. to help you take dramatic sunrise & sunset photos!
$ 5.00
Photographing Waterfalls, Streams, etc.
Tips for shooting waterfalls, cascades, streams, ocean waves, rain, snow, rainbows, etc.
$ 5.00
Landscape Photography
How to use "essential filters", composition & other tips for taking exceptional landscape photos.
$ 5.00
Night Photography Exposures
This cheat sheet is an "abbreviated" version of our Day and Night Exposure Guide-- (night exposures, aperture of f/4, ISO from 50-400).
$ 5.00
Photographing Fireworks
Get better shoots of the "rockets red glare". Tips on equipment, exposure, composition & more.
$ 5.00
Flower Photography
Tips & tricks used by the pro's to capture the beauty of flowers.
$ 5.00
People & Portrait Photography
This cheat sheet gives tips on composition, posing, lighting, etc. for taking great photos of your family & friends.
$ 5.00
Fill Flash Tips
Tips for balancing ambient light, adding catchlight, etc. to improve your flash photography.
$ 5.00
High-Key & Low-Key Photography
Numerous hints & tips for creating effective High-Key and Low-Key portraits, landscapes, etc. to help you convey the mood you want in your photos.
$ 5.00
Metering & Exposure Adjustments
Exposure corrections to capture the color of your subject and numerous common scenes.
$ 5.00
The Right Light
Use the RIGHT light for your subjects and improve your photography!
$ 5.00
Creatively Correct Exposure Settings
Pick camera settings for the correct exposure to match YOUR creative vision.
$ 5.00
3 Steps to Better Photos
3 powerful steps for taking photos with more impact.
$ 5.00
Design Elements in Composition
Summarizes the influence of lines, shapes, color, etc. in creating powerful images.
$ 5.00
Flash Range
How far will your camera flash "reach"? This cheat sheet will show you.
$ 5.00
Sports Photography
Tips for taking better sports photographs. Covers basic "rules", composition tips, equipment, and more.
$ 5.00
Intentional Action Blurring
Take more dynamic photos by INTENTIONALLY blurring your action shots. This cheat sheet tells you how.
$ 5.00
Action Stopping Shutter Speeds
Shows shutter speeds to "freeze" a wide variety of moving subjects. Covers lenses up to 600mm.
$ 5.00
Multiple Exposures
Tips & tricks for creating successful multiple exposure shots.
$ 5.00
White Balance Settings & Color of Light
This cheat sheet shows how different white balance settings on your digital camera changes the color of your shots.
$ 5.00

"I have a set and find them very useful when teaching to guide students."
Brenda Tharp
Brenda Tharp Photography

"FotoSharp has Hyperfocal Distance charts...night photography guidelines, landscape, portrait, composition tips, etc. One that I really liked was an 'Intentional Blur' card which gives the amount of blur, blur length, at particular shutter speeds for a given mph."
Joe McDonald
McDonald Wildlife Photography

"Exactly what I've been looking for! What a great and helpful tool to have handy!"
Tracy O'Connell - Sewell, NJ

"Awesome products!!! I'm so impressed. My friend recommended your products and I thought "How much of a difference can this make?!" Well, the difference is HUGE!!"
Heide Smith - Austin, TX

"Your cards and guide are very professional and I can see they will last me a long time."
Kaye Frost-Smith - Lambton, Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Kaye Frost-Smith Galleries

"The quality of the DSLR Cheatsheets is excellent. They will save me time and guesswork since I have a poor memory. The hyperfocal distance chart is helping me already taking landscape photos that are in focus."
Jane M. Johnson - Los Osos, CA

"I have already shown and referred several acquaintences the Photo "Cheat Sheets." All were impressed and at least 3 said they intended to order a set. Well done!!"
Dave Clark - Ocala, FL

"I teach a photography course for 35mm, digital & film. I use FotoSharp hyperfocal cards & other kits with my students. They are easy to use and durable and are the best I have found."
Jeffrey C. Dixon - Hancock, NH

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