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Hyperfocal Distance Cards

This is a low resolution image.
Our cards are printed on a
laser printer and are VERY
clear and easy to read.
Shoot landscapes that are sharp from foreground to background!

*APS-C* Camera Hyperfocal Card
Can be used with any DSLR or mirrorless camera with an "APS-C" size sensor.
$ 5.00
*FULL FRAME* Camera Hyperfocal Card
Can be used with any DSLR or mirrorless camera with a "FULL FRAME" size sensor.
$ 5.00
Micro 4/3rds Hyperfocal Card
Hyperfocal card for all cameras with 4/3rds sensors.
$ 5.00
Canon 1D Hyperfocal Card
Hyperfocal card for Canon 1D series cameras.
$ 5.00
Some Customer Comments

"The hyperfocal card customized to my digital camera is just perfect."
Carl Cullison - Loveland, OH

"I teach a photography course for 35mm, digital & film. I use FotoSharp hyperfocal cards & other kits with my students. They are easy to use and durable and are the best I have found."
Jeffrey C. Dixon - Hancock, NH

"The hyperfocal DOF cards have been a godsend. I especially like the example you site to help me understand."
A. Midgette - Denver, CO

"This was great. Will fit in camera bag & I hate math!"
Barb Beck - Union Grove, WI

"Your products are outstanding. Slip into my camera bag like a dream. One problem, they keep ending up in my friends camera bag."
Jerry Kranz - Castle Rock, CO

"Easy to use and understand guides - very practical."
Richard Pearse - Exeter, England

"Info on cards is organized well and easy to read."
Linda LeMay - Oakdale, MN

"Awesome. Will help me tremendously!"
L. Mickelberry - Marysville, WA

"Your guides are perfect for my classes."
Michael McCalman - Fairhope, AL

"There is a series of very nifty little guides that can clarify all of these issues, and more. Produced by FotoSharp, a series of 3x5 plastic-covered cards ... A few of those cards, and a nifty slide-rule type scale, directly address Depth of Field and also Hyperfocal distances."
Joe McDonald
McDonald Wildlife Photography