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Magazine Reviews of FotoSharp's Camera Rain Covers

Excerpts from some magazine reviews of FotoSharp's camera rain covers.

"An overdue new product that any avid outdoor photographer will appreciate. The camera rain cover from FotoSharp is a tough, durable bag with drawstring closures at each end to completely cover your camera, lens and flash to protect them from inclement weather."
Shutterbug - Feb 2005

"If you like to shoot in wet environments, (the) RainCoat can save your camera while you get the shot. The silicon impregnated ripstop nylon material is durable and waterproof, with stout drawstring enclosures on either side."
Digital Camera - May 2005

"Shoot in the rain, mist or falling snow with the Camera Rain Cover from FotoSharp. It's waterproof fabric keeps your camera dry while you shoot either handheld or with the camera on a tripod. Fits in your pocket when you don't need it and weighs about an ounce."
PC Photo - Feb 2005

"FotoSharp offers simple-to-use Camera Rain Covers in a wide range of sizes to fit SLRs with lenses from short to 600mm. Made of ripstop silnylon (nylon impregnated with silicon, making it 100% waterproof, impermeable to airflow, strong, durable and lightweight)."
Outdoor Photographer - Dec 2007

"FotoSharp's Camouflage Camera Rain Cover is an easy to use and durable accessory that was designed with the wildlife photographer in mind. Crafted from lightweight urethane-coated ripstop nylon, this cover is waterproof and features a blackout coating for better viewing of the camera's LCD screen."
Shutterbug - Oct 2008

"This cover is simple, compact and keeps my equipment dry. I can carry it in my back pocket, and itís ready to deploy if the rain should come. I also like to have it for early-morning shooting. I can kneel on the cover when thereís heavy dew on the ground."
Outdoor Photographer - Top Pro Gear Choices - Dec 2010