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Reviews of FotoSharp's "Universal" Camo Camera Rain Covers

"I’ve used the FotoSharp camou rain cover in all types of miserable weather without a problem. Its simplicity is the key; easy to put on, perfect protection, and a great price. On a recent, rainy bear trip several of our participants had other products – big, heavy, bulky, and expensive. I was not impressed or tempted, but they were intrigued by my light weight, effective FotoSharp cover." (30" PRO)
Joe McDonald
Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's Wildlife Photography

"The camouflage camera cover is perfect for my needs. We get many days here that just spit rain but enough where I would normally have to go inside for fear of water on lens and camera. Tried it out yesterday and worked great. Use it for bird photos. Here is link to my photos. Thanks." (20" PRO)
Ted Ardley - Victoria, BC Canada

"My 16" camo cover never leaves my 70-200 f/2.8 lens, it covers both the lens and the camera and protects it from waterfall spray and dust and sand, all in the same day. It also protects the lens in the bag. I regret paying almost triple the cost for LensCoat and getting so little protection in comparison with the FotoSharp Camo cover. The cord string holds one end snug on the lens hood, while the rear opening lets me get to camera controls quickly, then cover all up immediately. The velcro bottom opens as much or as little as I need it to, whether I am mounting the lens to the tripod or handholding. The material is thin enough that it doesn't add bulk, but it is thick enough to be waterproof and comfortable for holding for extended periods of time, or cushioning the lens inside of a bag."
Robert Body - Phoenix, AZ

"I just returned from a wonderful trip to Australia photographing birds. While there, I used the rain cover as both protection against a day of very heavy mist/rain, as well as from blowing sand/dust. I was using my Nikon 200-400 VR, with a 1.4 tc on a monopod with a Wimberly sidekick. The cover works equally well with this set up as with my 600 on the Wimberly 2. With the eye cup in place, I can cinch the rear cover down around it to make for a really weather tite seal. All in all, with the set up I personally use, I can't imagine a better system!! Many thanks for coming up with an elegant, simple solution for what has been (for me) a vexing problem for many years!" (30" PRO -- for Nikon D3 w/1.4 tc, 600 VR lens)
Frank White - Port Townsend, WA

"I was more than pleased with the 30" camo cover. It is easy to put on my 600mm f4 and is just what I was looking for with out paying $270 for other products I have seen. Thanks."
Reginald Muhl - Green Bay, WI

"Excellent products that will help me out a whole lot! My gear faces serious challenges from the elements - consider this my endorsement." (16" PRO -- for Canon 20D)
Craig Rose - Santa Clara, CA

"I have been looking for a raincoat that was reasonably priced and worked on my Nikon 600mm lens. Yours works great and didn't cost me a bundle of money like other raincoats I have priced." (30" PRO -- for Nikon D300 w/600mm f/4)
Floyd Bond - Albany, OR
Nature As Art

"I finally put the 35" pro camo cover on my 600mm lens. Excellent. I would not recommend a shorter cover for this lens. With the extra length of a 1.4 extender there is not much extra cover at the rear of the camera body. Without the extender there is a comfortable protective overhang. The 35" length allows good protection from pouring rain with the lens tilted down on a tripod. It also allows me to put my hand through the velcro to operate the camera while it is still protected by the cover extending over the camera body. That said I decided to ordered a 20" rain coat for my 100-400mm lens. It is a push pull zoom so in a rain storm the lens can be retracted to ensure good protection.
John Pickles - Barataria, LA
Voyager Photography

"Light & easy to use with very good protection." (25" PRO)
Randy Hampton - Lincoln, NE

"Service was fantastic. I used the cover to protect camera & lens from water spray at numerous waterfalls along Columbia River Gorge. Excellent for quick attachment and use. It kept camera completely dry." (16" PRO -- for Nikon D200)
Steve Conger - McKinleyville, CA

"I love it!! Even better than expected. The rear flap easily folds over the top to protect the entire rear of the camera if needed in rainy conditions. Works great!" (16" PRO -- for Nikon D70s)
David Coke - Commerce Township, MI

"Took the camouflage cover out for a work out this morning. It worked wonderfully well on both a tripod setting and also hand held. It definitely does the job that it set out to do and more. At last I can get a quick view of the LCD screen even in the brightest lighting conditions, so that is an added benefit. Thanks for a great product, it will be in constant use." (20" PRO -- for Nikon D300, D700)
David Jenkins - Meadow Heights, Victoria, Australia

"Thanks for your great service - very impressive and very much appreciated. A very useful product too - well done!" (16" PRO -- for Canon 50D w/70-300mm lens)
Keith Stead - Sorrento, Victoria, Australia

"We bought the cover for our trip to Disney World. It rained 6 inches the first day we were there, and the camera stayed completely dry. We were in the rain the entire time it was raining. The cover also kept the camera dry on all of the water rides at Disney World and Sea World. On the Kali River Rapids @ Animal Kingdom, my husband was holding the camera. He was soaked, and the camera was dry. Awesome product." (16" PRO -- for Nikon D40 w/18-55mm 70-200mm lens)
L. Fleming - Tuscumbia, AL

"These covers are great. I first saw them this summer guiding a group of photographers for brown bears in Alaska. I now have them on my cameras. Before I just wouldn't shoot if it was raining."
Scott Lazarowicz - Fort Collins, CO

"I would highly recommend this cover to anyone who shoots outdoors on a frequent basis and if Camo is not your scene then don’t worry as FotoSharp offer a full range of covers including see through ones in a full range of sizes to fit a wide variety of lenses." (30" PRO)
Marco Pesaresi - Liverpool, England
Marco Peraresi Wildlife Photography

"Great product. Prompt shipment. Fair price. Thank you!" (25" PRO)
K. Albertsen - Palmer, AK

"Great product and incredibly fast delivery!" (20" PRO)
R. Jensen - Canoga Park, CA

"Was in Yosemite and was able to try your products—worked great at the bottom of Yosemite falls when I tried to capture a moonbow last June 26th. Kept my camera/lens perfectly dry amid the nonstop wash at the bottom of the falls. Everything, my eyeglasses, my face, my backpack, my jacket, my tripod, werre drenched except my camera and lens. Great product and several photogs inquired—told them about your website." (Pro 20" white & camo covers, for Nikon D700 w/70-200mm +TC-17E II)
C. Roy Yokingco - Stockton, CA

"From the moment I clicked on your site everything has worked exceptionally. I just received your 16" camo cover and tried it on my Canon 40D with a Tamron 18-270 lens. It fits great, and I can have complete access to both lens and camera body and still keep everything well covered and protected. I will not worry about getting caught in the rain. Thanks"
Richard K Daum - Waukesha, WI

"I received my 20" camo camera cover this morning and am very pleased with it. I was impressed with how quickly it arrived - 7 days from the USA. It fits both of the lenses I use most - a Canon 24/70 and a 100/400. Thank you very much for your top quality service and product. Its been a pleasure to deal with you." (for Canon 5D)
David Taylor - Bedfordshire, UK

"Enjoyed your product and customer service. I will definitely buy from your again." (20" PRO -- for Nikon D300)
Darwin Seehusen - Fort Dodge, IA

"I truly appreciate your excellent products & very fast response time." (20" PRO)
Melissa Jackson - Olympia, WA

"My photo friend took my first 30" Pro cover and now I need another. Best damn rain cover I have ever seen. The only thing drier is to stay indoors when it's raining which I refuse to do!" (30" PRO -- for Canon 500mm f/4.0)
Benjamin Guyger - Prineville, OR

"Great gear - simple, inexpensive, functional." (16" PRO)
William Hamilton - Dallas, TX

"An excellent high quality product that does the job it was designed for. Has kept my camera and lens dry even in the most appalling downpour, and a big plus on hot sunny days with the built in blackout surround, I can see the shots I have taken without any difficulty." (20" PRO -- for Canon Rebel 350D w/100-400mm IS lens)
Ian Wolfe - Suffolk, United Kingdom

"Great product, rainproof, easy to use, easy to pack in a pocket, fits multiple lenses. I can shoot wildlife in the Pacific Northwest rain or desert wind and dust, and know my gear is protected." (16" & 30" PRO covers -- for Nikon D300 & D7000 w/Nikon 400mm f2.8, Sigma 50-500mm, Tokina 11-17mm lenses)
Robert Sullivan - Anacortes, WA

"Best part about this product is that it was made in the USA!!" (20" PRO -- for Nikon w/300mm lens)
Mary Carr - Tallahassee, FL

"I've used the rain shield (clear white rain protector) in Berlin at the last two World Ice Racing Championships. The product kept my camera bone-dry. I've used it as a dust shield too on particularly hot days when photographing speedway. Keeps the dust off the equipment. They fit in my bag and I use them to keep the space between lenses as extra padding. First class products!" (16" PRO)
Ian Consterdine - Manchester, United Kingdom

"I use it with the Swarovski 65HD STS spotting scope with swing-down camera adapter & Canon G10 camera attached. I have Swarovski's stay-on cover on the scope which protects from bumps and the elements but it doesn't protect the attached camera & adapter so I use your cover on top of this one to not only camoflauge but to protect the camera and adapter from the elements. Your cover fits perfectly on this digiscoping setup and there's enough room to allow viewing thru the scope with the camera adapter in the "up" position and take pic's with it in the "down" position. The inner black lining of your cover which extends several inches beyond the scope's eyepiece blocks sun glare while viewing thru the scope and also from the camera LCD screen when taking pic's. I would use your cover for my scope even if I didn't have the camera & adapter attached because it camoflauges, adds an extra layer of protection from the elements and relieves eye strain by blocking sun glare when viewing thru the scope." (20" PRO)
Jole Guthery - Flagstaff, AZ

"Rain cover was just how I pictured what I needed. Quick to deploy and functional. Used the next day after receiving it. Thanks." (16" PRO)
Eric Brooks - Fort Atkinson, WI