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20" (50 cm) "PRO" Rain Cover
(Out of Stock. No anticipated restock date at this time.)
FotoSharp camera rain cover -- 20

This cover fits an SLR camera and the following lenses:

  • 300mm f/4.0 lens & hood.
  • 400mm f/4.0 lens & hood.
  • Easy to use with shorter lenses (plus hoods) - up to 15" (38 cm) long.

Features & Benefits:

    • Takes seconds to attach or remove.
    • For tripod or handheld shooting.
    • Works with lenses that rotate to focus.


  • Black covers help in viewing the LCD screen in sunlight. (out of stock)
  • "See-Thru" WHITE (out of stock)
  • UNIVERSAL CAMO (out of stock)

How the cover works:

The cover has an elastic cord & cordlock on both ends, and velcro on the seam that runs from the front to the back. You open the velcro & place the cover over the camera then attach the cover around the lens, and leave the back end open however much you want when you're shooting (the back opens to about a 10" diameter circle when fully open). If you use a viewfinder extender or eyecup, you can close the back of the cover around them.

Patented -- all rights reserved.

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