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Customer Reviews of FotoSharp's Photo Cheat Sheets
Here's some of the hundreds of reviews & comments we've received on our Cheat Sheets

"A series of laminated cards to carry in your camera bag, that offer a quick reference for just about everything photographic - shutter speeds being one of them. These are great tools to get you started and to remind you of where to begin with certain types of movement and focal length combinations. I have a set and find them very useful when teaching to guide students in getting a starting point for their blurred action pictures."
Brenda Tharp - Sonoma County, CA

"FotoSharp has Hyperfocal Distance charts...night photography guidelines, landscape, portrait, composition tips, etc. One that I really liked was an 'Intentional Blur' card which gives the amount of blur, blur length, at particular shutter speeds for a given mph."
Joe McDonald
McDonald Wildlife Photography

"I teach a photography course for 35mm, digital & film. I use FotoSharp hyperfocal cards & other kits with my students. They are easy to use and durable and are the best I have found."
Jeffrey C. Dixon - Hancock, NH

"Awesome products!!! I'm so impressed. My friend recommended your products and I thought "How much of a difference can this make?!" Well, the difference is HUGE!!"
Heide Smith - Austin, TX

"Your cards and guide are very professional and I can see they will last me a long time. I worked in Visual Merchandising/advertising for 30+ years and am always super-conscious of quality and the finish on items. Yours certainly depicts those!"
Kaye Frost-Smith - Lambton, Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Kaye Frost-Smith Galleries

"Being a hobbiest wanting to take my photography to the next level I found the Cheat Sheets & the D&N exposure guide to be extremely helpful and worth every penny. They will no doubt save me from future "missed shots" and will make my shoots much more enjoyable. Thanks for the great products & keep up the good work!"
Mark Hatela - Hinckley, OH

"The quality of the DSLR Cheatsheets is excellent. They will save me time and guesswork since I have a poor memory. The hyperfocal distance chart is helping me already taking landscape photos that are in focus from where I want them to be in focus. Less guesswork and no need to carry the data sheets for all my lenses."
Jane M. Johnson - Los Osos, CA

"Really handy, should come with every camera!"
John Thomas - Great Falls, MT

"Thanks so much for the DSLR cheat sheets and Exposure guide. Such invaluable tips and portability... a sure fire way to take my "on-the-go" photography to the next level."
Glynn Yadao - Alexandria, VA

"The guides are exactly what I was hoping for. A terrific summary of all the info you need in various situations."
N. Shively - Honualoa, HI

"FotoSharp guides are invaluable to novice photographers, or enthusiasts alike - no more carrying camera manuals, all the information you need for the perfect shot is written in these handy laminated guides. They will really help me as a beginner."
J.H. - Nanaimo BC, Canada

"I have already shown and referred several acquaintences the Photo "Cheat Sheets." All were impressed and at least 3 said they intended to order a set. Well done!!"
Dave Clark - Ocala, FL

"20 card cheat sheet is outstanding. It is like having a whole library in my camera bag."
Melinda O'Donnell - Kennesaw, GA

"Your site is a treasure chest of reasonable priced products and excellent information that I wished I found three years ago when I started this hobby."
Charles L. Cunis Lakewood, CO

"I like the size of the cards - the different colors makes it easy to search."
Donna Lee Adams - Greenwood, IN

"Unique products. Handy references for the serious photographer."
Ron Zanoni - Chester Springs, PA

"I submitted my order late Friday afternoon and it arrived early Monday afternoon. The speed of delivery is surpassed only by the quality of the products."
Mike Wilhelm - Menomonee Falls, WI

"Great durable reference in a small convenient package."
Jody Gragg - Emporia, KS

"Being able to view products first hand, purchase on the internet & paying upon decision to keep them & not having to use credit card on the computer made a world of difference in my choice to purchase. Can't wait to use!"
Jamie Fransen - Orangevale, CA

"I like what you've produced. Everything is easy to read. Good lamination, they will stand up to bad weather & handling."
E. Yuen - Calgary, AB Canada

"Very neat cards, have used them quite a bit. Good size, quite helpful."
John Price - Casper, WY

"Very nicely done. Layout of each card is very effective."
Peter Young - Manchester, MA

"Good value, just right for field use."
David Williams - Sunriver, OR

"The hyperfocal distance cards have saved me a lot of film!"
Cynthia Hurayt - Kerryville, TX

"Brilliant product, easy to fit in camera bag. Thanks, very happy."
P. Hall - Frankston Victoria, Australia

"Product was even better than advertised. Highly recommended."
J. Kostal - Chandler, AZ

"Handy cheatsheets!!! Will help me get to know my camera."
C. Creswick - Saltspring Island, BC Canada

"This is a great product, everything promised was delivered, very informative!!!"
D. Kelly Fort Collins, CO

"Awesome idea - perfect size to tuck in bag!
J. Soltren - Deland, FL

"Good products in handy format. Going right in my camera bag."
J. Whitmarsh - Peterborough, NH

"Great Cards, And a first class service."
J. M. Rossell ,Saxthorpe, Norfolk UK

"It seems that your cards have all the answers to my questions."
J. Kim - Burbank, CA

"Simple, easy to understand, easy to just pull out the card that's needed rather than flipping through a book."
C. Southern - Bay City, Michigan

"They help overcome mental blocks on assignment."
W. Welch - Springfield, Virginia

"I wish I'd had these years ago. They're the perfect size! Lots of information on each one."
J.A. Musselman - Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Cards are a good size for carrying around. Laminated is a huge plus."
E. Wilkinson - Edmonton, AB Canada

"Great products - reminds me of "cheatsheets" when I went to grade school. Well done!"
E. Steinberg - Andover, NJ

"I find your cards a great addition in my camera bag. They give me a quick reference when I'm in a hurry."
J. Cummens - Chicago, IL

"Easy to use and understand guides - very practical."
R. A. Pearse - Exeter, England

"Info on cards is organized well and easy to read."
L. LeMay - Oakdale, MN

"Awesome. Will help me tremendously!"
L. Mickelberry - Marysville, WA

"Your guides are perfect for my classes."
M.H. McCalman - Fairhope, AL

"Your cards are great - you've put the manuals and books into a few very handy lines!"
A. O'Connor - Dublin, Ireland

"So much information in one small pocket of my photo bag!"
K. Horste - Southfield, MI

"These cards are easy to understand and are extremely helpful in making my hobby more satisfying."
L. Crockett - Waterloo, IA

"Easy to use, extremely informative, very handy."
M. Yap - Anchorage, AK

"The cards will be helpful & the best part is that they can go with me & will be easy to find!"
K. Peters - Lititz, PA

"Great information in a portable sturdy form."
M. Malone - Birmingham, AL

"The cards have enough explanation and examples on them that even a beginner can understand quite easily."
R.E. Cornell - Spirit Lake, IA

"Thank you for providing these wonderful guides - they are indispensible!"
D. Moore - Aspen, CO

"Easy, straight forward guides are handy."
S. O'Sullivan - Appleton, WI

"This is just what I've been looking for! It will help a beginner like me a whole bunch!"
R. Spencer - San Ramon, CA

"Excellent - exactly what I was looking for."
H. Sullivan - Buford, GA

"CheatSheets are great for this amateur. I really appreciated the fast delivery and the option to pay after receiving the product!"
Kristine Winget - Celina, OH

"The 20 cards for my Olympus DSLR are exactly what I was after."
Charles Murphy - Paris, France

"Your full frame CheatSheets exceeded my expectations. Your hyperfocal CheatSheet is particularly useful."
Chris Timmes - Littleton, CO

"Many thanks for the photo cards, just what I was looking for."
A. P. Miller - Cape Town, South Africa

"Size is perfect for travel. Set with ring will stay together."
Bill Cochran - Brenham, TX

"I had made a comment that I hoped my "old eyes" could see the cards. I'm happy to report that I can! The cards are not printed with impossible tiny print... unlike the LED on my D80."
Linda Capton - Niagara Falls, NY

"Your product is great. I take pictures of sports during day and night hours without the flash and your "quick cards" are great help for getting the right aperture and shutter speeds. Thanks you." (Canon Rebel T1i)
Deborah Kenny - Riverside, CA

"I'm really pleased with the cheat sheets and night guide you sent. They are great quality and they are spot on. Used the cards last weekend while camping and they came in really handy. I think these were worth every penny! (Sony DSLR)
Johnson - Claremont, CA

"Your cheat sheets are exactly what I was looking for. I am amazed at the info you put on each card."
Michael K. Howard - Corpus Christi, TX

"Exactly what I've been looking for! What a great and helpful tool to have handy!"
Tracy O'Connell - Sewell, NJ

"Awesome info, I'm glad you made such things."
A. Moore - Canyon Country, CA

"Excellent service and quick shipping! Charts are very useful in the field."
W. Churchill - Frisco, TX

"Very well done. Very useful reference."
J. Chesky - Vancouver, WA

"I see the way the cards are laid out, that will definitely help me with my photography needs. These cards are truely a blessing for the photographer that is starting his/her journey in the photo world."
N. Beaulac - Manchester, NH

"The cards are a great tool to add in my bag. I like that they are concise and to the point. I plan on bringing them to my next photo club meeting."
Linda Dorsey - Florence, OR

"Photo Tips & Tricks cards are a great idea, now I can leave the (how to) books at home."
H.A. Pittman - Tacoma, WA