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Light Balancing Filter Guide
Click for larger photo & examples.
"Illustrates which filters are necessary to color balance virtually any light."
Nature Photographer, Nov/Dec 1996

"A lot of info in an easy-to-use format."
Photo District News, Jan 1997


For those using film cameras, a secret to great photos is to use filters or white balance settings to balance the color of light for the mood you want to create.

Although you can use white balance settings with digital cameras, many experienced photographers prefer to use filters to "adjust" the color of light. This informative calculator shows what filters to use!

  • Covers artificial lighting (incandescent, studio lamps, photofloods, etc.).
  • Covers natural lighting (from sunrise to sunset, clear or overcast sky).
  • For daylight or tungsten film.
  • Made of durable riveted "calculator board" inside a protective clear vinyl sleeve.