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12" (30 cm) "ORIGINAL" Rain Cover
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This cover is ideal for use with most "kit" or "travel" lenses, including:

  • SLRs+lenses up to 9" (18 cm) long (body+lens).
  • "Single lens SLR style" zoom cameras up to 9" long (body+lens).
  • Large digicams with wide angle or tele converter lenses attached.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Takes seconds to attach or remove.
  • For handheld or tripod shooting.
  • Compact, flexible, & lightweight.
  • Works with lenses that rotate to focus.
  • Made of Silnylon, a waterproof, ultralight, & tough high performance fabric.


  • "See-Thru" WHITE (our most popular color) covers have several benefits:
    • Flash works thru the cover.
      • Maximum flash range - keep the cover against the flash.
      • Flash Diffusion - billow the cover away from the flash.
    • You can see the print on dials & buttons when the cover is held against the camera (it's opaque when it's not touching the camera - see photos).
    • Makes a handy sunshade. DSLRs produce images with less "noise" if you keep the camera's sensor cool.
  • BLACK covers help in viewing the LCD screen in sunlight.

How the cover works:

The cover has an elastic cord & cordlock on both ends. You slip the camera into the back end of the cover and attach the small end of the cover around the lens. Leave the back end open however much you want when you're shooting (the back opens to about a 10" diameter circle when fully open). If you use a viewfinder extender or eyecup, you can close the back of the cover around them.

If you generally use a tripod, you may prefer our 12" (30 cm) PRO rain cover

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