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Customer Reviews of FotoSharp's Camera Rain Covers
Some of the hundreds of comments we've received from happy customers.
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"I’ve used these covers in rain and in wet snow and they do a good job. The Velcro opening and drawstrings on both ends are elegant in their simplicity. And the see-through material used for the “white” covers, silicon-impregnated ripstop nylon, is really tough and waterproof." (White 16", 20", 25", & 30" PRO covers)
Andrew Boyd, Times-Picayune - New Orleans, LA
The Discerning Photographer

"Simplicity is golden. Your rain covers eliminate the gaggle of straps, velcro, etc. that complicate other brand covers! One needs to be quick to get shots." (White 16" & 30" PRO -- for Nikon D2x)
Merrill Lowden - Douglas, AK

"My FotoSharp camera raincoats have protected my professional gear for many years, from snow, rain, soot, mud, and sand. They are still in great shape and continue to do exactly as they were designed to do. I recommend Fotosharp to everyone." ("See-Thru" White 16" & 20" PRO for Nikon D2x, D2Hs, D2H, 300mm 2.8, 80-200 2.8, 18-70mm, SB800)
Steve Handwerker - Highland Park, IL
Steve Handwerker Photography

"Thanks for getting those out to us and for the discount! They look and fit great. (Un)fortunately we didn't have any bad weather on our shoot so we never had to pull them out. However, they now have a permanent place in both of my camera cases and I know they will see some significant use in the future. You have an excellent product with awesome customer service. That's a winning combination that you don't often see in business these days." (White 20" PRO rain covers for Canon GL2 video camera)
James Brown - Orem, UT
Owner - BL Design Solutions, LLC

"Saw your product on a list of recommended toys at Outdoor Photographer. Compared prices, etc at Adorama and B&H. Liked your price, simplicity, concept of 15 day trial." (White 16" PRO -- for Nikon D300s w/Nikkor 70-300mm)
Jeffrey Engel - Athens, GA

"This cover is simple, compact and keeps my equipment dry. I can carry it in my back pocket, and it’s ready to deploy if the rain should come. I also like to have it for early-morning shooting. I can kneel on the cover when there’s heavy dew on the ground. Great product. Recommended it to hundreds of students. " (Black 20" PRO)
Tom Bol - Fort Collins, CO
Tom Bol Photography

"Simple, super light weight, does the job! Good velcro opening length to allow for different heads, camera configs. Excellent customer service - helpful!!" (White 20" PRO -- for Hasselblad H3DII)
Jeff Stasney - Pewaukee, WI
Jeff Stasney Photography

"This cover is a godsend for all wedding photographers! I bought my second raincoat for my camera from you today. The first one is still great after a couple of years and has been with me all over the world. To the envy of other photographers in England I was able to take pictures even in the rain. Thank you! Anyway I wanted another for my spare camera bag and I also ordered a third one today as a gift for my associate photographer so she is well covered too. Further more I will go online and tell everybody in the photo forum to order one if they have not done so guys are the greatest. Thank you!" (White 16" ORIGINAL)"
Steffi Smith-Cariad - Clayton, GA
Cariad Photography

"I own several 'high end' rain products but I still find yours is my 'go to' rain cover." (Black 20" PRO & White 15" ORIGINAL)
Michael Brant - Mountain Lakes, NJ

"I was hesitant about this rain cover but ended up buying one anyway. Recently on a shoot where it rained all day, the cover absolutely kept my gear dry. It wasn't a lite drizzle either, but a constant downpour. Great product and looking to purchase a couple more." (White 16" PRO -- for Canon 1D Mark II N w/24-70 & 70-200mm lens)
Heidi Mrkulic - North Las Vegas, NV
Mrkulic Motorsports Photography

"I am very impressed with the ease and durability of my camera raincoat. The material used allows water to roll off and away from my camera bodies & lenses. Your 15 day trial offer is unheard of in our industry!" (White 16" ORIGINAL -- for Canon 5D & 30D w/200mm f/2.0 lens)
Keith Capsuto - Oxnard, CA
Keith Capsuto Photography, Drums, Music & more

"I would like to purchase the 16" Camera rain cover with tripod opening in Black. I will be using it with a Canon EOS Mark II, Canon 5D, or Canon 40D with Canon 100-400 MM or 35-350 MM lenses. I had your white one....loved it. Used it often and finally while on a trip to photograph Polar Bears at -30 to -55 degrees F it lasted about 5 days then it finally cracked. Still worked with duct tape. No complaints. Great product."
FotoSharp note: We asked for more info on this feedback and got the following response:
"The crack on the old one was at the front about 1.5 - 2 inches back behind the lens elastic. The push-pull motion at the extreme cold temperatures affected it and made it brittle I'm sure. It actually happened at night when we were trying to photo the northern lights and used the cover to prevent ice crystals from forming on the camera & lens. The temps were probably below -55 F."
Philip J Sonier - Albuquerque, NM
Moments from Nature (TM)

"I do environmental still photo and audio interview portraits at Burning Man. Dust storm whiteouts are a common occurrence in the Black Rock Desert, this poses a serious problem for DSLR camera sensors. My images from 2005 needed a lot of retouching due to dust on the sensor. 2007 was my second year using the FotoSharp rain cover as a dust cover, it performed above my expectations. In 2007 we had some of the worst white out dust storms I've seen, 3 straight days of 4-6hr white outs with very high winds. Looking at my images I don't see any dust on the sensor! We purchased another cover for camera #2 this year. My only regret is that I didn't take the point and shoot rain cover Bob had sent me. Thanks again for an excellent product and excellent customer service." (White 16" PRO & 8" ORIGINAL)
Doug Churchill - Chico, CA
Professional Photographer
Doug Churchill Photography

"I just got back from a vacation trip to Canada. I took your rain cover and rain covers made by three other companies, yours being the least expensive. It rained most of the time I was there, and your rain cover ended up being the only one I used." (White 15" ORIGINAL)
Don Tidmore - San Bernardino, CA
Professional Photographer

"This is a product that is great for forest, wildlife and any still/tripod outdoor camera work." (White 16" & 20" PRO)
Laura Perrin - Switzerland

"I bought the 16 inch camera raincoat for my trip to Iguassu Falls. I am impressed how it kept my camera dry. I ended up using wide-angle lenses shooting the falls so I used the extra cover for my head. I wear glasses so keeping my face dry is a big plus. I wish there is a way to keep water droplets off the lens. I wish I had this product when I was photographing Victoria Falls. The conditions are even worse there. I highly recommend this product!" (White 16" PRO, subsequent purchase of White 30" PRO -- for Nikon D3s w/600mm f/4)
Robert Higaki - Watsonville, CA

"Just a little testimonial for your rain covers. I now have two, one white and one camo, and they are excellent. They do the job well, without fuss, are compact and easily stored. Other types seem over complicated and awkward to use, with little windows that you can’t see through properly, stiff material, and so on, whereas yours are very easy to use and seem to have been designed, and tested, with practical use in mind. Excellent product!" (White 16" PRO & 20" UNIVERSAL Camouflage -- for Canon 5D Mark II w/17-40mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm, 300mm)
John Fryatt - Northamptonshire, UK

"1st spot of rain on Sunday was all it took [to my friends amusement] for me to try out the rain cover. Ease of use was a big plus, taking seconds to put on. On my 200-400mm Nikkor it just fits the bill length wise. I found that between rain showers if you don't want to keep it on you can easily fix it at the top of the mono pod using the draw cord instead of taking it of completely. At the end of the day a very positive first impression!" (White 20" PRO -- for Nikon D3)
Howard Shearing - Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
Redline Pix - Motorsport Images
DCL Pro - Professional Photographic Lab

"(The) camera 'raincoat' has proved it's worth. No longer nervous about the threat of water gettng my camera wet as coat protects it well. Recommend FotoSharp for fast efficient service. Also refreshing to see this type of 15 day free trial arrangement available in this day & age." (White 12" ORIGINAL -- for Panasonic FZ28)
John Bingley - Witney, Oxfordshire, UK

"A brilliant product useful for protecting all sorts of items from the rain, not just cameras, and with a 15 day free trial as well!" (White 12" ORIGINAL -- for Canon Rebel 1000D w/75-300mm)
Mike Senior - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

"Just a note to say how impressed I am with the new rain cover. You provide a quality product at a reasonable price and include features which make it's use practical and simple. I will definitely recommend your product to my photo-friends." (Black 16" PRO -- for Nikon D300 w/70-300mm lens)
Chris Vardas - Portland, OR
Vardas Photography

"Good looking quality product. I'm going to baptize it this afternoon. I like your helpful, down-to-earth video online. Keep up the good work!" (White 16" ORIGINAL -- for Nikon D300 w/18-200mm, 50mm)
Kent Fairfield - Maplewood, NJ
Kent Fairfield Photography

"I just got back from 10 days in the cloud forests of Ecuador and your camera raincoats really saved the day. We had a ton of rain. I had bought one (PRO) 25" white one for my Nikon 200-400VR lens and then a second one (PRO 16", black) to use with the Nikon 80-400VR lens. I should have bought them both in black--the white really screamed out in the rainforest. Thanks again--this is probably the most useful camera accessory I've bought in a long time!"
Janet Zinn - Brooklyn, NY
Janet Zinn Photography

"It's a remarkably simple little cover that scrunches up into a tiny ball in my camera bag when not in use, yet provides rain protection even with my big Nikkor 70-200 VR zoom on my D200." (White 16" ORIGINAL -- for Nikon D200)
Jeffrey Friedl - Rootstown, OH
Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog

"I have used it in a very snowy/blizzardy day and it performed way above expectations. Will recommend to all my photographer friends." (White 16" PRO -- for Nikon D200 w/18-200mm lens)
Matt Denton - Freehold, NJ
Be Scene Innovative Images

"I was very impressed with the rain cover on a recent 6 week trip to the SW deserts for wildflower images. I used it mostly as a dust cover while photographing the Eureka Dunes at Death Valley NP. I would like to endorse your raincovers in my online journal with your permission." (White 15" ORIGINAL & 20" PRO)
Ed Book - Silverdale, WA

"I just had to write to say how pleased I am with my order #13629. I sent a message along with my PayPal payment, but wanted to add to it here. You gained a repeat customer with your amazing service, fast delivery, and quality products. I tried the rain cover on my D3s and 300mm f/2.8 lens today, as it began raining about two hours after I received my rain covers. Perfect timing! The big one is what I tried, and it worked great. Thanks for a quality product at an amazingly fair price!!! I learned about FotoSharp online, at a forum I am a member of, called the Nikon Cafe: It's a great community of photographers and I trust the members there to steer me straight. They did when they recommended your products. I'm really impressed. Also, something about the way you do business makes it seem "old school", where two people could shake hands and make a deal, knowing it would be just fine. Your 15 day trial period is generous, your prices are very reasonable, and you deliver exactly what you describe. Doesn't get any better than that, ESPECIALLY in this day of our internet, email (like this!), and electronic businesses. Thanks so much, and be assured I will recommend FotoSharp to all of my friends and family, and I will be sure to come back to you in the future!" (White 16" & 20" PRO -- for Nikon D3s w/70-200mm f/2.8 & 300mm f/2.8 VR lenses)
Glenn McQuaig - Lititz, PA
Glenn McQuaig Photography

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong equipment/clothing!  I just spent five weeks shooting in Africa, often in the monsoon deluge.  Thank goodness for my clear FotoSharp pro cover that I always carry in my bag for shooting in the rain."
Alison Wright - New York, NY
2013 National Geographic Traveler of the Year
Alison Wright Photography

"After a very rainy weekend in Forks, WA, something had to be done to keep the camera dry in the rainy situations. These bags are sturdy and allow me to fully utilize all the features on my Olympus." (White 12" and 25" PRO Covers -- Olympus E-30 w/Zuiko 50-200mm lens)
Tim Moore - Cloverdale, OR
Moore Northwest Images

"The camera raincoat is superior to similar items on the market that cost much more." (White 16" PRO cover - for Nikon D80, D5100 with 70-300mm & 18-55mm lens)
Deborah Ring - Radford, VA

"Haven't actually needed this yet, but it seems to fit better than a Vortex cover I'd previously ordered and returned." (White 16" PRO cover)
Janet Chanay - Dolores, CO

"It rained so hard on the job one day I would have quit shooting, but after putting on your camera raincoat I realized that I did not have to worry about my equipment. It worked great." (White 20" PRO cover)
Russell Fowler - Katy, TX

"Love the product, simple, to the point and affordable. Excellent service." (Black 16" ORIGINAL and 25" PRO cover - for Nikon D200, D300s with 17-55mm 50-150mm, 70-200mm and 300mm 2.8)
Ray Novess - Kalamazoo, MI

"White 16" Pro Rain Cover is good quality, easy to use, good price, and fits w/all my lenses. Ordering was easy and the 15 day free trial is a nice perk." (For Nikon D90 with 70-300mm VR, 85mm Micro, 18-105mm VR, SB700 flash)
Carley Fledell - Beaverton, OR

"Simple but effective design, light-weight, quick to put on and take off, just as is needed. I have tried 3 other designs over the past few years, and you have the best all-round cover." (White 20" and 25" PRO covers for Canon 300 and 500mm lenses)"
Geoff Ross - East Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

"Truly fantastic rain cover, very well manufactured and very good materials. I am very happy to have invested $25 in a good product instead of wasting $2 on Chinese crap." (White 12" PRO cover)
Domenico Cermignani - Torino, Italy

"Awesome product. Took (my) Canon 1Ds + Sigma 120-300 f2.8 out for 4 hours in a blizzard, great shots, not a drop on the camera! (White 16" ORIGINAL)"
T. Thomas - San Mateo, CA
Professional Photographer

"Absolutely incredible raincoat for my camera." (Original 15" cover)
A. Sellers - Grand Prairie, TX

"Your (Original 15" ) Rain Coat is perfect - exactly what I was looking for!"
Barbara Smith - Eden Prarie, MN

"Pretty cool cover for my camera. Keeps the dust out! I recommend!" (Pro 16" cover)
W. Lee - Ontario, CA

"The rain cover was just what I needed in rainy Norway." (White 15" ORIGINAL)
J. O. Andersen - Trondheim, Norway

"Didn't need the 15 day trial. It rained at the football game the day after I received it. Worked great. I love it." (Original 12" cover -- for Nikon D50)
Cindy Ashton - Norwich, NY

"Very useful rain cover for the Cornish winter (and probably summer as well)." (White 16" ORIGINAL cover -- for Nikon D200)
J.L. Fitzgerald - Launceston, United Kingdom

"In June had to go to my nephews’ wedding and all it did was rain, luckily I had purchased one of your rain covers for my Canon 40D. All I can say is your product far exceeded my expectations. Well built, light and very cost efficient. I will recommend your product to all of my photo friends." (White 16" PRO -- for Canon 40D w/100-400mm IS lens)
Raymond Laverdure - Havre, MT

"Since I'm not a pro and can't justify spending a few hundred dollars, this camera raincoat will be perfect for an upcoming trip to Alaska. It is so rare to see a true "try before you buy offer" and free shipping. The quality seems good (it's really waterproof) the price is fair, and with the 15 day trial you can't go wrong." (White 20" PRO -- for Nikon D300 w/w/80-200,18-15, 55-200, 28-80 lenses)
Katherine Murtha - Clinton, PA

"Used on a jet boat excursion down the Rouge River. Kept my Nikon completely dry." (White 16" PRO -- for Nikon D200)
Mike McAvoy - Westminster, CO

"I would definitely recommend this product and company - excellent communication and item!" (White 16" PRO cover -- for Canon 5D Mark II & Olympus E-30)
Paula Fink - Newington, CT

"Was in Yosemite and was able to try your products—worked great at the bottom of Yosemite falls when I tried to capture a moonbow last June 26th. Kept my camera/lens perfectly dry amid the nonstop wash at the bottom of the falls. Everything, my eyeglasses, my face, my backpack, my jacket, my tripod, werre drenched except my camera and lens. Great product and several photogs inquired—told them about your website." (White & Universal Camo 20" PRO covers -- for Nikon D700 w/70-200mm + TC-17E II)
C. Roy Yokingco - Stockton, CA

"Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I purchase the 16 inch with tripod mount and just returned from Niagra Falls, you can't get any wetter than this place. Everything stayed dry and only the lens had to be wiped off. I know it will also work great on my ski trips in the snow. Thanks again." (White 16" PRO -- for Nikon D300)
Michael Leon - Yardley, PA

"Rain coat is a brilliant, yet simple to use idea. Beats the hotel shower cap I had been 'trying' to use!" (White 16" ORIGINAL cover -- for Nikon D2X w/Tamron 18-270 lens)
Andy Busard - Muskegon, MI

"Thanks for a great product. It is waterproof and very light. It (Original 16" cover) covers my EOS 3, 1.4x extender, and 100-400mm lens fully extended."
William Betts - Redondo Beach, CA

"The day I received the (Pro 20") raincoat it was raining, so I had an instant opportunity to put it to the test. Had a great time & dry camera."
David Ames - Fremont, NE

"Thank you for getting the camera raincoats here so quickly. It rained off and on all Saturday during a NADAC agility competition. We were able to fulfill our commitments as photographers for the event because we had your raincoats protecting our cameras. One camera sat on a tripod most of the day. The other two cameras we kept in our hands. None of the cameras got even one drop of rain on them. Thank you for a great product." (White 15" ORIGINAL -- for Canon D60 Rebel)
Ann Lee - San Diego, CA

"Gave my old one (White 15" ORIGINAL cover) to a friend who is a photographer for Paintball 2 Xtreme Magazine so had to have another one to protect mine. Thanks and keep up the great work and great products." (White 16" PRO cover -- for Canon 20D)
George Bowman - Willis TX

"Nice, well-made product. Should last for years, and will come in handy. Thanks!" (White 15" ORIGINAL cover)
Jon Cunningham - Aurora, IL

"I finally need the rain coat ... works as promised. Good product w/70-200 & tele conv. Rubberband on hood was a good idea." (White 16" PRO)
Rick Kozyra - Rush, NY

"Your product is great. We are having the rainiest summer on record and I have used it a lot. My camera still works." (White 20" PRO cover)
R. F. Findlay - Montreal, Canada

"Thanks for getting the rain covers to me before I left for Alaska...They were lifesavers! It rained 13 out of 15 days! Thanks again! I will heartily recommend your covers to my fellow shutterbugs!" (Black 16" & 25" PRO covers)
John Church - Livonia, MI

"Great service to be able to "try before buy!" Extremely light and compact size." (Pro 16" & 30" covers)
Donald McCrosky - Slidell, LA

"They are easier to use than the Aquatech and since they are translucent I can use the cameras without exposing them."
R. Smith - Costa Mesa, CA

"Went to an outdoor performance and the rain rolled in. I put the camera all the way in the rain cover, pulled the cords tight. My 3 day old S3 Pro was nice & dry, I was wet." (White 20" PRO, Fuji S3 Pro)
Steve Nielsen - St. George UT
Semi-Pro Photographer

"Thanks much for the camera rain covers (from the second wettest place on earth!!)." (White 10" & 12" ORIGINAL covers -- for Canon 20D)
Lance Laack - Palikir, Pohnpei - Federated States of Micronesia

"I have to say that the rain coat came in handy on the glaciers of Iceland. And I covered a Navy CPO initiation last week during the raging of hurricane Ivan and spent 36 hours outside in the rain with a Canon 10D with no problems." (White 15" ORIGINAL)
L. Wieger - Hamilton Square, NJ

"Arrived in no time. Love the 15 day trial offer. Lightweight, works with a hotshoe flash inside the cover. Water repellent. Thanks you." (White 20" PRO -- for Nikon D3100 w/55-200mm lense + flash )
Nina Richelme - Laval, Quebec, Canada

"Incredible piece of camera equipment!! Worth EVERY penny!" (White 15" ORIGINAL cover)
K. Bostick - Sherburne, New York

"It does exactly what the ad says, very basic, simple design that works." (White 25" PRO cover -- for Nikon D70 & F5)
Terry Hawes - Bellingham, WA
Semi-Pro Photographer

"Your rain cover has definitely earned a space in my backpack (not that it needs a lot of space)." (White 15" ORIGINAL -- for Canon 1D Mark II )
K. Igel - Ramloese, Denmark

"Thanks so much for sending this camera raincoat so quickly. It's just so useful and really well made. I couldn't find one here in Aus. I tried to make one but failed miserably. It was so easy to buy it from you, easier than walking down the street and wandering through the shops. Yet you're the other side of the world. Amazing. Thanks again." (White 16" PRO -- for Canon Rebel 400D)
Andrea Lord - Doncaster, East Victoria, Australia

"The rain cover has been a great addition to my camera bag. I used it for 10 days in the Boundary Waters of MN and it performed beautifully, keeping my camera accessible yet reasonably protected. Thanks for a great product." (White 15" ORIGINAL cover -- for Fuji S2 Pro)
D. Smith - Hixson, TN

"A great product both for rain & also as protection from weeds & brush overhanging the trail on backpacking trips." (White 15" ORIGINAL cover -- for Nikon D100)
Lisa Forbes - Nelsonville, OH

"I just wanted to drop you a note. I purchased your camera cover a few weeks ago and I was extremely happy with it. My wife and I had taken it to Paris for our vacation (to be used on my Canon 10D). We had anticipated some rain, so I thought that your rain cover may be of some use. Not only was it so easy to use, the cover did terrific when it rained! We took some great photos! Thanks helping create a memorable Paris vacation!" (White 12" ORIGINAL cover -- for Canon 10D w/28-105mm lens)
Elgyn P. Cortes - Pasadena, CA

"Thanks for your quick shipping. The trip was incredible. The enclosed foto was taken at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Most of the time there was so much misting from the falls we got soaken wet. Your rain cover worked outstanding." (White 16" PRO)
Robert Tobiansky - Lake Zurich, IL

"Just returned from a trip to Bali, Indonesia. October is the start of the rainy season and it rained 5 of the eight days we were there. I used your product on my new Nikon D2x with confidence. It worked great! Thank you." (White 12" ORIGINAL & 16" PRO covers)
Mark Wyatt - Dillon, CO

"I mostly take pictures at the beach. This will help a lot." (Original 15" cover)
J. Ruiz - San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Bought to take on a whale watching boat trip. It worked great at protecting my lenses & camera from the spray while others had to hide inside their coats or just gave up. I could leave mine out." (White 12" ORIGINAL cover -- for Minolta X-700)
James McEwen, Kansas City, MO

"The 16" Pro Camera Raincoat was a good friend to have along for the High School football season here. A big plus about the material in your rain cover is the visibility that it affords to the user to be able to see the display and controls through the material. I am very pleased with the performance and ease of use of your products." (for Panasonic DVC30 camcorder)
Brad Hesford - Muscatine, IA
Muscatine Community College Video Department
and Public Access TV Channel Nine

"Just last week I was in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone Park photographing a grizzly when it started to rain. I did not want my Sony extendable 70-400G lens to get wet so I had to stop and go back to the car wht lens & camera under my coat. On the drive home I thought of how to make a rain cover. I checked the internet first and got a reference to your product from and ordered the 25" model. It is much like what I had envisioned but your sewing skills are better than mine. The 25" model is a perfect fit. It is generous but not too large. I liked the trial period because I was not sure I ordered the correct size." (Olive/Camo 25" PRO -- for Sony A55 w/70-400G lens)
Ronald Garton - Port Ludlow, WA

"I try to buy made in the USA whenever possible. So when I found exactly what I was looking for on your website it was ideal." (White 16" PRO)
Marge Woods - Bridgeview, IL

"I received the rain coat just before leaving for a trip to California. It did the trick for rainy days in the Redwood NP and waterfalls in Yosemite. Nice product!" (White 16" PRO -- for Nikon D300 w/18-200mm lens)
Lori Franzen - Ann Arbor, MI

"I have purchased two of your camera raincoats and they are very easy to use and work well. I really like the fact that you can use it on a tripod because of the velcro opening. I had used a different camera raincoat previously and after a few uses it was no longer waterproof." (White 16" PRO -- for Canon 5D Mark II & Olympus E-30)
Paula Fink - Newington, CT

"I use this on the beach to protect from sand. Best option I've found so far." (White 12" PRO -- for Pentax K-x)
Kathy Arnold - Romeo, MI

"Great product. I used it in Canada kayaking with the orca whales. We had a little rain and the bag did great." (White 16" PRO -- for Nikon D90 w/70-300mm lens)
Teague Lacey - Murrells Inlet, SC

"Living in the Smoky Mtns, we were tired of using plastic bags. Your rain cover is easy to use and is much more of a value than LensCoat or other products." (Olive/Woodland Camo 16" PRO -- for Nikon DD610 w/Nikon 28-300mm and Sigma 150mm macro lens)
Phil Baxter - Knoxville, TN

Forum postings:

We use these covers on everything from 85mm to 800mm lenses they are cheap lightweight and very effective. Dave -

This product is great every photographer should have one. First let me say I never in a million years have seen a company like this. I ordered 2 of their camo rain covers. They sent them to me free for 15 days. Then if I like it I pay them. If not return simply return them. Your thinking oh I bet they take a credit card number right? No they simply took my phone number and address that’s it. 1 week later I received them in the mail. Amazing! A truly refreshing way of doing business. The rain cover is perfect and exactly what I needed. I love them sooooooo much I will order more for my friends. Djm2u -

I like it, it works and it folds up to almost nothing. Billkt40 -

The Fotosharp rain cover is cheap, durable, and easy to use. I use the 16" version because it keeps rain off my long telephotos, and I can get my hand inside to adjust zoom and focus. Scrunched small, it fits at the bottom of my camera case or in a pocket ready whenever I need it. Dennis Phillips -

I've had an expensive Kata. It was effective, but cumbersome. It didn't work so well when I left it at home, annoyed at it's size. Unfortunately, many of the times I needed it were ones when I had no warning of rain. Then I had nothing, but to put the camera away. Now I'm using the silnylon cover from (FotoSharp). They come in several sizes, compress to fit in your palm, and are made of the same durable and waterproof material that is so popular in backpacking. It comes in black or translucent, which I prefer for the use of automatically diffused flash. Best of all, the man who makes and sells them is very professional. He sends you the product with an invoice. Once you receive it, then you mail him the payment. Now that's trust in his customers. I've used mine in hours of rain and have loved its lightweight flexibility, without any fears of leakage Spotts

A cover is cheaper than sending your lens/body in for repair, or replacement. I keep one of these in my camera bag at all time, just incase the weather changes. Cheap protection for your expensive gear. Luca Foto -

I've owned Aquatech, Fotosharp and one of the others, the Fotosharps are the easiest to get on when it rains and the ones that stay with my camera bag. compuwar -

In the past five years I have been all over the world with my cameras, have been pretty merciless, and just finished a 1500 mile bicycle ride down the US Pacific... during Feb-April! I brought a Canon G11 and 40D. When it rained or got real misty, I used a fotosharp silnylon cover, which is always in my bag it's so compact. It works. the_open_life -

These hoods are waterproof, snow proof, and are very light and inexpensive. They are designed to cover the camera body as well. I use the "white" fabric covers as they are slightly transparent so you can see the lens controls through the cover. Mark Picard -

After much research I ordered this one to use with the D200 + 200-400VR (25" camera rain cover). I like the fact that its clear so that you can see the camera controls, and also they claim it will accommodate the flash and that the TTL flash will work through it (albeit, I'd imagine, with some diffusion. I'm not counting on that working well, but its nice that at least the cover will fit with the flash on the camera.) Its inexpensive too. Plus, money-back guarantee (actually they don't even charge you for it in advance!). Janet Zinn -

...its simple quick and easy....i just ordered another for my 400 thats on the way...pretty much the exact same thing as the storm jacket without the huge logo...and 15 bucks less. Brad Barr -

For less severe weather conditions, effective covers from FotoSharp work quite well. They are a simple design ans a lot cheaper. As well they are available in camo. So you don't have to be advertising for ThinkTank, Optech or Aquatec. And they're light weight enough and pack small enough to take just as a quick cover if a shower comes over the ridge. Priced right at ~$45 for a camo cover for the 500 f4. Rodney O -

Best bit is .... you don't pay for it until you have tried it! This company are in the States and they post out their rain covers, you take a look and either pay for them or send them back. They are GOOD though. Alzibiff - talk

You can put these on, adjust your camera from outside the cover, and it's light and compact. That is, if you are talking about shooting in wet weather. It's white, but clear when against a solid object and is made of silnylon. Kathryne -

They work very well, they're cheap, and they're translucent- you can even fire a flash through them. They're made of silicon-impregnated nylon. The company is a pleasure to deal with as well. They actually sent me my cover to check out for something like 10 days without me sending them any money, or any information other than an address. If I liked, I bought, if I didn't I'd send it back to them. I would highly recommend these covers. I've used the on my cameras in complete downpours and in a blizzard or two, and they work exactly as they should. Brian G -

Thanks Brian G for pointing me at these. I am sure the Storm Jacket is a fine product, but the ENORMOUS LOGO woujld make me feel foolish using one. I just want a product that works without the free advertising on the side. will baillieu -

BTW for the people in North America (I don't know if they ship somewhere else in the world): check fotosharp for their rain covers. The prices are 'cheap' compared to the other brands and it's a thousand times better than plastic bags. It folds very small, doesn't rip and I can operate it from the outside. And I recommend the Original instead of the Pro, unless you need the tripod opening.
elfroggio - dpreview

"Light yet very effective for light rain, - never leaves home without it :-) Have been shooting motorsports for some years and big clumsy solutions doesn't work for me on the race track, this however I can put in a pocket and use when needed. And they are quite cheap actually :-) Mine is about 5 years old now and for 25 $... :-) it's a bargain.
Kiig - canonrumors