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12" (30 cm) Pro Camera Rain Cover
FotoSharp camera rain cover -- 12

For use with all "kit" and many "pro" lenses

  • All wide angle, normal, and travel zoom lenses up to 7" (18 cm) long.
  • Prime lenses up to 200mm f/2.8.
  • Can be used with small video cameras (lens hood recommended).

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for handheld or tripod shooting.
  • Takes seconds to attach or remove.
  • Made of Silnylon - a waterproof, ultralight, & tough high performance fabric.
  • The fabric is a "See-Thru" WHITE" which offers several benefits:
    • You can see the print on dials & buttons when the cover is held against the camera (it's opaque when it's not touching the camera - see photos).
    • Makes a handy sunshade. DSLRs produce images with less "noise" if you keep the camera's sensor cool.
    • Your camera's pop-up flash works thru the cover.
      • Maximum flash range - keep the cover against the flash.
      • Flash Diffusion - billow the cover away from the flash.

The cover is easy to use

There's an elastic cord & cord lock on both ends, and velcro on the opening along the side/bottom. Open the velcro & place the cover over the camera then attach the cover around the lens. Leave the back end open however much you want when you're shooting (the back opens to about a 10" diameter circle when fully open). If you use a viewfinder extender or eyecup, you can close the back of the cover around them.

Patented -- all rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

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