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Rain Covers
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Hyperfocal Distance
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Tools for Avid Photographers
Festured Items
Protect your gear from 
the rain, snow & dust.
Rain Covers

  "The best rain protection I've ever used.  
Simplicity and efficiency works,
and this cover is perfect."

Joe McDonald
McDonald Wildlife Photography

Pro techniques
for capturing 
stunning images.
Day & Night Exposure Guide

  "An indispensable guide for the beginner  
as well as the pro digital photographer."

Digital Photographer Magazine

Magazine Reviews

FotoSharp offers simple-to-use Camera Rain Covers in a wide range of sizes. Made of ripstop silnylon (nylon impregnated with silicon, making it 100% waterproof, impermeable to airflow, strong, durable and lightweight).
Outdoor Photographer

Learn on the go with a pocket-sized ring of plastic-coated Photo Cheat Sheets with tips and tricks for common shooting situations for various types of cameras.
Popular Photography

The Camera Caddy is a durable, compact tripod-mounted gear bag. Designed to safely accommodate up to 30 lbs of extra gear, it features three deep pockets.

FotoSharp's Day & Night Exposure Calculator provides the -stop and shutter speeds for your ISO, along with useful settings for many other challenging photographic situations.
Outdoor Photographer