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Sun Bearings Cards

This is a low resolution image.
Our cards are printed on a
laser printer and are VERY
clear and easy to read.
Put the Sun in your Shots!

Want to capture the sun over a specific area of a scene? These 3.5" x 5.5" laminated cards show where the sun rises & sets throughout the year!

Sunrise Bearings
Compass bearings for sunrise throughout the year. Helps you plan ahead to capture the sun rising over a specific area of a scene!
$ 5.00
Sunset Bearings
Compass bearings for sunset throughout the year. Helps you plan ahead to capture the sun setting over a specific area of a scene!
$ 5.00
Customer Reviews

"Unusual yet useful information in a convenient and durable form suitable for field use."
Morgan Davies - Scarborough ON, Canada

"Cards are compact & provide excellent info when you're in the field."
W. Days - Salinas, CA

"The service is great, and the charts and reference cards are good for the students in my courses."
Jeffrey Dixon - Spofford, NH

"Great idea, reasonable price, good quality of product."
Kathleen Hunter - Ottawa ON, Canada

"I'm not a photographer. I will use these cards for navigation."
Garth Kendig - Aloha, OR